Ateliers Orsini

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Born in France, Rita came to Australia in 1990. She pursued her artistic interests and trained in inks and acrylic painting, fabric design and printing, ceramics and silver jewellery.


Light, transparency and fluidity are major themes in Rita’s artworks, either through the medium she uses, such as inks, or through techniques and concepts.

In her artworks, she brings together this fascination as well as her interest in textiles, the theme of transformation and the exploration of multi-dimensional narratives.



Rita has regular solo and group exhibitions in Sydney.

In her solo exhibitions L'Eau and My Month at Moly-Sabata, Rita displayed the artworks she created during her one-month artist residency at Moly-Sabata, France, a place where Australian modernist artist Anne Dangar lived and worked for over twenty years in the 1930s.

In the exhibition Artisans in the Gardens, her lamps (Orsini Light) featured amongst the works of other contemporary artists and craftpeople whose inspiration was drawn from the beauty and the complexity of nature.

She took part in the annual European exhibition The International Forum of Arts and Culture, touring in France, England and Germany for three years, until 2012.

In Marrickville by Night, she took inspiration from her local neighbourhood and explored the transformation of the surroundings from the hard light of day to the glow of the night.

Her previous solo exhibition in Sydney Invitation au Voyage retraced a journey across land and sea and reflected on the riches collected along the way; a journey through time, space and experience.



Rita was awarded the People's Choice Award for her artwork "Orsini Light - Moly".

She received a Highly Commended art prize for her Orsini lamp "Promenade".
She was awarded a Highly Commended art prize for her painting "Back Street".

Rita won the 2012 Marrickville Urban Photography Competition with the photograph “A Mill in the Night”.

Her artwork Music to my ear (from the series Invitation au Voyage) was recently selected for the cover of Bass World, the magazine of the International Society of Bassists.

She was the recipient of an award for Design Excellence at an Eco products competition.


Rita’s artworks are in private collections in Australia, France, Spain, Italy and Scotland.


Rita also lectures at the University of Sydney.

Rita lives in Sydney with her husband and two daughters.