Ateliers Orsini

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To enquire about a bracelet or ring listed here, use the Contact Rita link in the side menu.


I love Sydney’s seashore. The iridescent colours of the waves, the sound of the surf, the warmth of the sun, the texture of the sand, the driftwood, the coloured glass shards, the empty shells and bones that get washed up on the beach.

With my bracelets and rings, I want to recreate this beauty. Resin is the perfect medium to convey the magic: its malleability, its changing nature from a viscous fluid to a strong material which is smooth to the touch.

Mixing pigments to resin allows me to play with colour, textures, light, transparency and  the theme of transformation which are at the core of all my artworks (lamps, jewellery and paintings).

Each bracelet is individually crafted and is a unique signed piece of jewellery.



Other art works

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